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Hello everyone,

   It has been a great disappointment that we will not be able to play this year's spring soccer season.  Personally, it has been the most rewarding experience of my adult life to be able to coach so many of your children and be able to see them grow as players and human beings over the past 5 years.

   Every spring season, the 4th graders have received a Merrimac Soccer sweatshirt.  That tradition will continue, even if we have to arrange some type of social distancing distribution.  Parents of 4th grade players, please send me an email at   or text 978-807-9285 with a sweatshirt size.  At this age, we would suggest going at least one size up.  Sweatshirts might be huge for a short time but many of these kids will grow out of them faster than I would like to admit.  There will be no charge for the sweatshirts.

   We are also going to do a juggling contest through the spring and summer.  Parents can either text or email me with counts.  We are looking for improvements over time.  Also, anyone who does not have a soccer ball, let me know and we will make sure your child gets one.  I will post a demo on the Merrimac Soccer website soon, along with skills that can be practiced over the next few months.

Thank you and stay safe,

MSC Board of Directors

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