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U8 - Second Grade

Saturday 6v6 (including goalies) games are played at Town Forest Field in Merrimac each Saturday between 10:00 am and 11:15 am. Typically, the fall season starts in September and the spring season starts in April.

The hour-long Saturday sessions are divided in half with 1/2 hour devoted to practice activities and the other 1/2 hour reserved for  6 v 6 matches. At this level larger nets, goalies, and more complex game rules such as throw-ins and goal kicks are introduced. 


Uniforms & Equipment

ALL children participating in the Merrimac Soccer Club program must have the following basic equipment in order to participate in practices and games: 

Shin pads (must fit properly)

Soccer Socks (to fit over shin pads)

Soccer rubber cleats (not metal)

Soccer shorts

Water bottles 

These items can by purchased at most local sporting goods stores such as The Soccer Shoppe in Georgetown or Dick’s Sporting Goods.